Your AdSense Site is Inactive

If your site hasn’t shown any ads for at least four months, then it is considered inactive. When this happens, you’ll see an alert in your account, and you’ll have one month to start showing ads again. If your site remains inactive for over five months then it will need to be reviewed again. You … Read more

Make sure your Site has Unique Content and a Good User Experience

Before you can start monetizing a site with AdSense, it’s important that your site: Complies with the AdSense Program policies Provides enough unique and valuable content for users Has good navigation and user experience AdSense encourage you to create high-quality sites rather than a large quantity of sites. Below we provide our tips to establish a … Read more

How to Manage your Sites in AdSense

On your Sites page you can build a list of your sites to use in AdSense. For example, if you want to show ads on a new site or set up site-level blocking rules, you first need to add your site to your site’s list. You can add any site that you own that complies with the AdSense Program Policies. Adding … Read more