AdSense account may be disabled for policy reasons

Has ad serving been disabled to my account?

Your AdSense account is currently active, but your account may be disabled if you do not make changes to comply with AdSense program policies.

Why did I receive this warning message?

During a recent review of your account, AdSense specialists found that it was not in compliance with AdSense policies. Accounts may be issued an account warning for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • Your account has an extensive history of policy violations and/or repeat policy violations.
    Remember that publishers are responsible for the content on every page displaying their ads, even if the content was created by someone else, such as on sites with user-generated content.
  • Your account has demonstrated deceptive behavior.
    AdSense specialists carefully monitor clicks and impressions on Google ads, using both automated systems and human reviews, in order to protect your interests and those of our advertisers. Please note that as outlined in AdSense Terms and Conditions, Google will use its sole discretion when determining instances of invalid click activity.
  • AdSense policy specialists found an especially egregious site in your account.
    These may include but are not limited to adult content, copyright infringement, as well as cases of extreme violence and gore.

To learn more about the most common reasons that accounts are disabled, see AdSense’s top reasons for account closure.

What do I need to do to avoid having my account disabled?

Be responsive. Your warning message contains examples of violations on your site, but AdSense requests that you thoroughly review the content and ad placement in your network to ensure that it all complies with AdSense program policies.

AdSense understands that your content is dynamic, so AdSense recommends that you implement proactive measures to guarantee that you remain in compliance with policies given future changes to your content and ad placement.

Here are a few of tips that may help you monitor your network for policy violations:

  1. Perform a human evaluation of each site before placing ad code on the site’s pages.
  2. Proactively review pages with high page view at least once a week.
  3. Install keywords filters (such as adult content, pay-to services, hacking content, gambling content, etc.), especially on pages containing user-generated content. Although AdSense is unable to provide information on topics such as “keyword filtering” or “content filtering”, you may wish to search for this information on Google.
  4. Add a “Report a violation” link to all pages with user-generated content.

What happens if I make the necessary changes?

Your AdSense account is currently active, and if you make the necessary changes it will remain active. However, if AdSense continues to find problems, AdSense may disable your entire account.

Do I need to notify you when I’ve made the changes?

No, being responsive does not mean that you need to notify us that you’re making these changes. AdSense will know that you made the necessary changes if your account complies with our policies.

What happens if I don’t make the necessary changes and continue to violate policies?

Your AdSense account will be disabled.

I need clarification regarding the policy that my site is violating. What should I do?

Please search this Help Center or visit AdSense Help Forum to find additional clarification on AdSense policies. If you’d like further clarification or to view examples of AdSense policies, please visit AdSense online resources:

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