AdSense Home: Monitor and Manage your Adsense Account

The first thing you’ll see when you sign in to your account is the Home page, which gives you an overview of your estimated and finalized earnings and your account performance.

The Home page is also where Adsense will show you announcements and important messages, as well as policy notifications to help you if Adsense detects that your site’s not in compliance with the AdSense program policies.

Highlights of the homepage

The Home page is the default view of your account, containing basic earnings and performance information:

  • Earnings information: In the “Estimated earnings” section you can quickly see your estimated earnings for the day so far, yesterday, the month so far, and last month. In the “Finalized earnings” section you can see your unpaid earnings and your most recent payment.
  • Information cards: The performance information on your homepage is organized into a stream of interactive cards:
    • You can pin your favorite cards to the top of the stream and rearrange your pinned cards so relevant information is exactly where you need it.
    • You can navigate to a performance report showing the data on a card by clicking View report.
    • You can get help or send feedback by clicking More in any card.

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