AdSense Reports: Gain insights into your Account Performance

The Reports page is designed to provide more insight into not just how much you’re earning, but what impacts those earnings.

It includes graphs so you can view trends and compare important metrics more easily. It also offers lots of ways of segmenting your statistics.

Find your way around

To get the most out of your Reports page, you should get to know its parts:

  • All reports – here’s where you create new reports, access your saved reports and run standard reports such as CountriesSites, etc.
  • Filter: the filter box at the top of the page lets you refine the data in your reports.
  • Metric families – here’s where you choose the groups of related reporting metrics that you want to use in your reports. Learn more
  • Metrics – the interactive scorecard above the graph area displays the metrics in your reports. Learn more

Key features

Data breakdowns

Dimensions are categories by which you can break down, filter, and sort your performance data. For example, date, ad units, ad types, sites, platforms and countries are some of the dimensions that are available to you.

You can view your data in any of these ways; you can also further segment your data by adding multiple dimensions to your reports. For example, to see which devices your ad units were viewed on broken down by country, you would select the Platforms report and then add the Countries dimension. Learn more


There are various graph types, such as the bar chart and pie chart, that you can use to view your data in the way that makes it easiest to interpret. You can switch between graph types using the graph selector buttons.

Graph type selector button


You can customize which metrics appear in your reports. First, select a family of metrics from the tabs shown across the top of the page, then choose your preferred metrics from the interactive scorecard above your report graph. Learn more

You can also save reports for quick reference later. Once you’ve generated a report with your preferred settings, click the Save button above the table. Saved reports are accessible in your sidebar.

Reports where they’re relevant

Your Home page gives you a quick performance summary every time you sign in to your account. You’ll see your page views and page RPM for the day so far. Additionally, you’ll also see performance data such as your top channels, top sites, top countries, and top platforms etc., depending on which are most relevant to your account.

Scheduled reports

Once you create a report, you can run it on a regular basis and have it emailed to yourself. Click Save as, then select the Run report automatically checkbox. Learn more

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