AdSense Wire transfer frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We understand that you might have questions about wire transfer payments. Below are answers to some of AdSensemost frequently asked questions.

When adding your bank account information, enter the details exactly as they appear on file with your bank to avoid payment issues.

No payment after 15 business days? The AdSense Support Team can help

What happens when you contact us:

  1. Provided 15 business days have passed since your payment was issued, AdSense contacts your bank.
  2. AdSense then work with your bank to locate your payment and take any necessary actions.
    Note, as banks are busy, you might have to wait up to three weeks for an update on your payment.

To contact AdSense and request a SWIFT copy/UTR to track your payment, fill out this form.

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Frequently asked questions about wire transfer


My payment failed

How can I find out if my payment has failed?

You should contact your bank to find out if your payment has failed.

Why did my payment fail?

The most common reasons why payments fail include:

  • The bank details in your payee profile don’t match exactly the details of your bank account
  • Your bank account number is invalid
  • You didn’t provide a SWIFT code
  • You didn’t provide any intermediary bank details

At what stage did my payment fail?

Your payment was rejected when the money was sent from the intermediary bank to your own bank.

When should I contact AdSense Support regarding a failed payment?

You can contact AdSense support after 15 business days have passed and you’ve contacted your bank.

My bank is asking for a UTR number. What is that?

UTR (some banks use the term “SWIFT copy”) is another term for a payment reference number or a proof of payment. If your bank is unable to find your payment, AdSense can provide you with a UTR number to help your bank trace your payment.

My bank can’t find my payment. What should I do?

If 15 business days have passed since your payment was issued and you haven’t received it, please get in touch with AdSense via this contact form.

AdSense will provide you with a SWIFT copy/UTR to track your payment. The SWIFT copy/UTR is a unique payment number which will help your bank to locate your payment. It contains information such as the time and date when your bank received your payment.

What will the AdSense Support Team do after I’ve contacted them?

AdSense will open an investigation with your bank to review the status of your payment. After AdSense hears from your bank, AdSense will get back in touch and give you an update on your payment. Note that this process can take 2-3 weeks.

AdSense will also provide you with a SWIFT copy/UTR to help your bank locate your payment. The SWIFT copy/UTR contains information such as the time and date when the bank received your payment. When you have the SWIFT copy/UTR, ask your bank to use it to find your payment.

My payment was rejected because I provided incorrect bank details. What should I do?

Please ask your bank to cancel the payment. Google will recall the funds and reissue the payment. Note that this process will take around 15 business days.

My payment failed because I provided the wrong bank account details/my bank account is closed. Can the money be returned to my AdSense account?

Unfortunately, AdSense can’t ask for your payment to be returned to your AdSense account. If your payment failed because you provided the wrong bank account details, your bank will return the funds and AdSense will reissue your payment.

You can think of it like an ATM: after you withdraw money with your card, you can’t push the money back into the ATM, so the same principle applies here.

Please ask your bank to cancel the payment. Google will recall the funds and reissue the payment. Note that this process will take around 15 business days.

My bank account was closed but the payment went to it anyway, what should I do?

Please contact your bank to determine how they handle funds that have been sent to a closed bank account. If your bank cannot apply the funds, they’ll likely send the funds back to your AdSense account. AdSense will then be able to reissue your payment to an open bank account.

I received a SWIFT copy from the AdSense Support Team but I still haven’t received my payment. What should I do?

Example SWIFT copy
If you’ve received a SWIFT copy like the example shown above, it means that your payment went through to your bank but your bank has not yet applied it to your account. Please contact your bank for more information.

It’s now solely your bank’s responsibility to locate your payment. AdSense cannot provide you with any more information beyond this “proof of payment”.

My bank is asking for an MT103. What is that?

MT103 is another term for a payment reference number or proof of payment. If your bank is unable to find your funds, AdSense can provide you with an MT103 for your bank to trace your payment.

Adding bank account information for wire transfers

Which bank should I use to receive wire transfers?

You can choose the bank you prefer to receive your AdSense payments, provided you have an account at that institution.

AdSense recommend that you talk with your bank and get details about the fees charged for this transaction, and the information needed to receive your payment. Note that after sending the wire transfer, it cannot be diverted to another bank.

Can my bank account receive international wire transfers?

Only your bank can confirm that your account is able to receive AdSense payments via international wire transfer.

AdSense recommends that you consult your bank and verify that your account accepts this type of transaction. Your bank can also inform you of any fees that you might be charged to receive wire transfers.

Can I set up somebody else’s bank account to receive my payment?

Yes you can. Please make sure the payee details you enter in your payee profile in your AdSense account match exactly the beneficiary bank details of the account holder, otherwise your payment will fail. If your payment fails it can take up to 2-3 weeks before your payment will be reissued.

When I go to the bank, what information do I need to ask for in order to fill out the payment details in my AdSense account?

If you’re unsure about what payment details to enter in your AdSense account, AdSense recommends you take a printout of the form to your bank, so that your bank can advise you on exactly what information is required.

My bank is asking for a document that shows the nature of my payment. What can I provide them?

You can provide your bank with a copy of the AdSense Terms and Conditions. “Part 5 (Payments)” is the relevant section that explains the nature of your payment.

What is the necessary banking information to receive my payment?

To receive your payment, you’ll need the following information (all required):

  • Bank account number
  • Name of account holder
  • SWIFT code
  • Bank name
  • Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) (India only)
  • Bank identification code (BIK) (Russia only)

The information below is optional, and you should only provide it if required by your bank:

  • SWIFT code of the intermediary bank
  • Name of intermediary bank
  • Any “For Further Credit” or “For Benefit Of” instructions your bank requires

Where do I get the necessary banking information for payment?

Contact your bank for the banking information necessary to process your payment.

Do I need to send my bank details every time I have to receive a payment?

No. AdSense will use the bank details you provide for all of your future payments until you provide new bank account details.

What is the SWIFT code?

The SWIFT code is a unique identification code for banks and other financial institutions. Your bank can provide you with the correct SWIFT code to use.

A SWIFT copy is an electronic copy of the proof of payment document sent to your bank. The SWIFT copy acts as a confirmation of payment from Google to your bank.

Can the AdSense Support Team help me fill in my bank account details in the payment section in my AdSense account?

Unfortunately, the AdSense Support team is unable to fill out this information as your bank account details are sensitive and confidential data. Please don’t share this data in your correspondence with us.

I’ve sent my bank details but I would like to change them. How do I do this?

To provide the correct information, you must add a new bank account (by visiting your Payments page, or by clicking on the red alert in your account that says “Your payments are currently on hold”), and then remove the existing bank account.

To protect the privacy and security of your banking information, AdSense Support does not have access to edit or remove the information that you’ve entered.

My bank account information was entered incorrectly. What should I do?

It’s essential that your bank account information is entered correctly as payouts will be issued to the bank account on file. Should you notice that the information entered is incorrect, please review your payment details and add a new bank account as soon as possible.

Note that a payout cannot be re-issued if the funds reach a valid bank account. If the bank rejects the payout, the funds will be returned to your account.

If a payout is issued and your bank account information is entered incorrectly, please contact your bank immediately.

Should I enter localized characters or Latin characters for my bank account details?

Please enter Latin characters when you enter your bank account details. If you try to enter localized characters, you’ll see an error in your account.

Do I need to verify my bank account with a test deposit?

No, AdSense don’t send a test deposit for wire transfer, and you don’t need to enter the amount of a test deposit.

Can I use a bank account that’s not in the same country?

No. You can’t add a bank account that’s not based in your country. Please enter the bank account that matches your Payee profile address.

Please also make sure that the country code in your SWIFT code matches the country code in your AdSense account.

For example, if your SWIFT code is “KZKOKZKXXXX”, “KZKO” is the code for the name of the bank, “KZ” is the country code and “KXXXX” is the code for the branch.

My bank account number has hyphens. Should I enter the hyphens when adding my bank account information?

No. If your account number contains hyphens, please remove them when you enter your bank account number in your account. You only need to enter the numbers.

What is an intermediary bank?

An intermediary bank is a bank that acts on behalf of your bank to facilitate international fund transfers. Payments go through the intermediary bank before being credited to your bank.

How do I find out which intermediary bank details I need to enter?

Please check with your bank to determine which intermediary bank your bank uses to process these transactions.

Do I need to enter the intermediary bank information?

If you’re unsure whether or not you should provide intermediary bank details please ask your bank. The intermediary bank details are optional. If you’re required by your bank to enter the intermediary bank details, then please do so in your account.

Note that for U.S. dollar payments the intermediary bank must be based in the United States; for euro payments, the intermediary bank must be based in the eurozone.

What will happen if I don’t provide the required intermediary bank details?

Your payment will fail or be rejected by your bank. You’ll then need to ask your bank to cancel your payment in case it’s stuck. Incorrect intermediary bank information can delay a wire transfer by as long as three months.

Generally, AdSense recommends using larger international banks for wire transfers as they have the most direct financial relationships.

Receiving payments via wire transfer

How long does it take for a wire transfer to arrive?

Funds sent by wire transfer will usually arrive at your bank within three business days. Once your bank receives the funds, it may take several business days before the funds are made available in your account.

For a more specific disbursement timeline, please contact your bank.

Why haven’t I received my payment?

You might not have received your payment because:

  • Your payment has been delayed.
    The length of time it takes for your wire transfer to arrive in your bank account may vary depending on your country and banking institution. If your payment hasn’t arrived after 15 business days, you should contact your bank.
  • Your payment has failed due to one of the following reasons:
    • The bank details in your payee profile don’t match exactly the details of your bank account
    • Your bank account number is invalid
    • You didn’t provide a SWIFT code
    • You didn’t provide any intermediary bank details.

All my previous payments were on time but my most recent payment is late. Why?

If all your payments were successful previously, this means that your payment is simply delayed by your bank. If you do not receive your payment after 15 business days have passed since the issue date, please contact your bank.

My bank requires a copy of my contract with Google. Where do I get it?

To obtain a copy of your contract with Google to submit to your bank, visit the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions.

My AdSense account reports that the payment was made, but I cannot find it in my bank account. What do I do?I

international wire transfers can take a few days to arrive at your bank, and there may be a delay before the funds are available in your account. If it’s been at least three business days since Google sent your wire transfer, you may need to contact your bank to confirm the payment.

If your bank has not received the payment within 15 business days, please contact AdSense Support. Note that AdSense cannot trace your earnings if it’s been less than 15 business days.

AdSense will confirm whether your payment was issued successfully or declined. If your payment was declined, AdSense will investigate with the bank and let you know the reason why and how to fix the issue.

If your payment was issued successfully, AdSense will put you in touch with the AdSense finance team who will provide you with a SWIFT copy/UTR to track your payment. Your bank can use the SWIFT copy/UTR to find your payment as it contains information such as the time and date when the bank received your payment. When you have the SWIFT copy/UTR, ask your bank to use it to find your payment.

Is there any formal proof of my AdSense payment?

Yes, AdSense provides a Payment Receipt as formal proof of your payments. To view your Payment Receipt, click the automatic payment link on your Payment history page.

Will my wire transfer payment be split?

No. AdSense send you a single payment. Wire transfer payments are not divided up.

Fees, exchange rate, and currency

What are the fees I have to pay to receive wire transfers?

Google does not charge you a fee to receive your funds, but you may be charged fees by your bank. Contact your bank to inquire about exchange rates and other fees that will apply to your payments.

If you want to adjust your payment schedule to minimize fees charged by your bank, you can temporarily hold your payments. Learn how to hold your payments.

I don’t agree with the fee charged by my bank. Can I cancel the transfer?

No. Once sent to your bank, the transfer cannot be canceled.

I received less than what I see in my invoice. Does Google apply commission?

No. Google doesn’t apply commission to your finalized earnings. If the amount that you receive is different from the amount that was issued from your AdSense account, please contact your bank about their commission fees.

For more information about what you get paid, see these articles about the AdSense revenue share and the difference between estimated and finalized earnings.

What is the exchange rate?

Depending on your country and your bank, your payment may need to be exchanged into local currency. If so, the exchange rate is determined by your bank. Please contact your bank directly for more information.

In what currency will I receive my monthly payout?

Google will issue payouts in either USD or Euros, depending on your country. However, your bank may exchange the funds to the local currency in order to deposit the money into your bank account.

Does the primary currency of my bank account matter?

Banks in some countries are able to receive funds in either USD or Euros (depending on the country) and then exchange the funds into your local currency. If your bank offers the ability to open accounts in USD or Euros, this option is preferred. Please check with your bank to confirm what option will work best for you.

Note that payouts for accounts in Russia can only be paid to bank accounts denominated in USD.

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