How to Check your AdSense account type

AdSense offers two types of accounts: business and individual. You can find your account type by checking your payments profile.

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Payments.
  3. Click Manage settings.
  4. In the “Payments profile” section, under “Account type”, you can see your account type.

Changing your account type

After you activate your AdSense account as either a business or an individual, you can’t change your account type.

If you require a different account type, you’ll need to cancel your existing AdSense account and open a new account with your preferred account type.


Account type

Are there any differences between business and individual accounts?

There are no differences in the services or payment structure between individual and business accounts.

Business account payments are made payable to the company name, while Individual accounts are paid out to the payee name of the account holder.

However, there are some other differences:

  • If you have a business account, you can add other users to your payments profile. Publishers with individual accounts can’t invite people to join or manage their payments profiles.
  • The Rapida payment option is only available if you have an individual account (not available in all locations).

Payments and tax

Do I need to send my invoices to Google and should it include the VAT identification number?

Google does not require you to send invoices, however, if it’s mandatory in your country to send AdSense invoices please find your contracting entity details here and submit tax information to the relevant entity.

If you’re required to send AdSense your invoices, please remember to include your VAT identification number.

How can I change or update my tax information?

See here for more details on submitting tax information to Google. Please remember that this process is valid for selected countries only.

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