How to Create a link ad unit

To create a new link ad unit that you can manage within your AdSense account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Ads.
  3. Click Ad units.
  4. Click Link ads.
  5. Give your link ad unit a name. We suggest using a unique, descriptive name to help you find your link ad unit later.
  6. In the “Ad size” section, choose the size of the link ads that you want to show on your page:
    • We recommend you leave Responsive selected. Responsive link ads automatically adapt their size to fit your page layout and your users’ devices. Learn more about the responsive behavior of link ad units.
    • If you prefer to specify the size of the link ads that appear on your page, select Fixed and choose a standard ad size from the drop-down list. Learn more about fixed-sized link ads.

 Tip: Use the “Link ad preview” to see examples of different link ad sizes.

  1. Click Save and get code.
  2. Copy and paste the link ad unit code in between the <body><body/> tags of your pages where you want link ads to appear. If you’re not sure how to do this, you might want to review our code implementation guide.
  3. Click Done.

It usually takes a few minutes for ads to appear on the page but occasionally it can take up to an hour.

Tracking the performance of link ad units

You can track the performance of your link ad units by viewing the Ad units report on your Reports page.

If you want to track the sizes of the ads that have been served from your link ad units, view the Creative sizes report.

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