Distributing earnings from AdSense ads with third-party partners

As stated in the AdSense Terms and Conditions, publishers aren’t allowed to distribute the earnings from their AdSense account with third parties, unless they first receive written permission from Google to do so.

Here are some examples that are not allowed:

  • Accounts that display their ads on and then share revenue with sites that are owned and operated by third parties.
  • Accounts with affiliate or partner programs that distribute a portion of their AdSense revenue with their third-party partners.
  • Accounts that share revenue with a third party partner in payment for services, traffic generation, ad impressions, etc.

There are many risks when partners distribute revenue earned by their AdSense account to third parties. First and foremost is that AdSense tends to see higher rates of invalid click and impression activity with these accounts than is seen on a standard account.

For this reason, AdSense rarely gives publishers permission to distribute their AdSense earnings with third-party partners.

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