Master Your AdSense page

Welcome to your AdSense support page! Here you can find personalized information about your account to help you succeed with AdSense. AdSense Troubleshoot and resolve common issues You’ll find answers to many of the issues you might encounter during your AdSense journey by using our troubleshooting guides: Adsense Account issues: Troubleshooting application issues Login issues … Read more

Learn More About the AdSense Mobile Interface

You can access the AdSense mobile interface by visiting the usual sign-on page at from your mobile device. AdSense then automatically displays its mobile interface. What you should know about the mobile interface: You can quickly check earnings, run basic reports, and see most alerts, which you can then address through the classic interface if necessary. … Read more

AdSense Blocking Controls: Control the ads that appear on your site

The Blocking controls page is the home of all your ad control tools. Here, you can block specific ads from appearing on your site. You can review ads individually or block by advertiser URL, general ad category, sensitive ad category and ad network. Learn more about how to use this page in our allowing and blocking ad controls … Read more

AdSense Ads: Manage your Ad inventory

Your Ads page is designed to help you efficiently manage your ad inventory. This is where you set up Auto ads and create and manage ad units, custom channels, and URL channels. It’s also where you can sign up for additional AdSense products, like AdSense for search, etc. Products Ad units are grouped by product type, so it’s easy for you to … Read more

AdSense Home: Monitor and Manage your Adsense Account

The first thing you’ll see when you sign in to your account is the Home page, which gives you an overview of your estimated and finalized earnings and your account performance. The Home page is also where Adsense will show you announcements and important messages, as well as policy notifications to help you if Adsense detects that your site’s not in compliance with … Read more

How to Navigate your AdSense Account

If you’re new to AdSense, here are some pointers to help you find your way around your account. Take a few minutes to explore the main pages: Home, Ads, Blocking controls, Reports, and Optimization. Also check out the Account page where you’ll find options for your settings and payments, etc. The Main Pages On AdSense In the left navigation panel, your AdSense … Read more