How do I control access to my AdSense data in Analytics?

If you share your Analytics data with others, you can still keep your AdSense data private by creating a duplicate view in Analytics.

Follow the steps below to create a duplicate view before integrating your AdSense and Analytics accounts.

First, create a new view:

  1. Click Analytics Settings at the top of your Analytics account
  2. Select an account from the Accounts summary box.
  3. Underneath the list of views for your account, click Add Website View
  4. Select a radio button to add a view for an existing domain.
  5. From the Select Domain drop-down list, select the domain of the view you’d like to duplicate, and enter the View Name as you would like it to appear in your account
  6. Click Finish or Continue to add the new view, or Cancel to exit without saving.

Then, enable or disable AdSense in the new view. This way, you can have two views for a domain, one with AdSense data and one without, and share each with your account’s users as you prefer.

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