How to Check the Status of a Site in your Sites List in AdSense

You can check the status of your sites by viewing the sites list on the Sites page in your AdSense account.

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Sites.
  3. In the list of sites, find your site and check its status. Use the filter Filter at the top of the page to quickly find sites in your sites list. You can either use the preset terms or enter your own search term.
StatusWhat it means
Requires reviewYour site hasn’t been checked yet. Click Request review to start the review process.
Your site is inactive. Learn how to request a review for an inactive site.

“Something went wrong. Please try again later”If you see this message, check you’ve added the correct URL, then try again. If the message persists, your site or subdomain might not yet be eligible for AdSense. Please try again in the future.
Needs attentionYou need to fix some issues before your site is ready to show ads. Learn what to do if your new site is not ready.
Getting ready AdSense is running some checks on your site. This usually takes a few days, but in some cases can take up to 2 weeks.
Make sure you don’t remove your site and resubmit it because this can delay the process. AdSense will notify you when your site is ready to show ads.
ReadyYour site is ready to show ads. Learn how to set up ads on your site.

Make sure you follow the AdSense Program policies at all times to continue showing ads. You’ll find detailed information about policy violations on your site in the Policy Center. Learn how to resolve policy violations in your Policy center

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