Identifying the source of the creative (Beta) in AdSense

When an ad match is found using the Ad review center’s image search, the source of the creative will be listed in the search results.

Review the table below for details on each supported identifiable source.

 Supported file formatsHow to blockLimitations
AdX ExchangePNG only
Note: You must upload an original PNG if you want to see matches from AdX Exchange. Learn more.
Click Block to block this ad match instance.
You can also view more details about the ad match, including what network served the creative, by clicking on the ad in the results.
Review PNG guidelines.

Use PNGs to identify the creative source

Use the following guidelines to ensure that your image can be used to accurately identify creative sources:

  • Upload an original PNG file
  • Don’t modify the screenshot after it was taken. However, you can crop the screenshot to the ad as long as the entire ad is still visible.
  • Don’t convert an image to PNG (i.e. saving a JPG as a PNG)

Screenshots taken on Android devices are automatically saved as PNG.

For screenshots taken on iOS devices, use the following steps to save as a PNG:

  1. Take a screenshot.
  2. Click Save to photos.
  3. Open the Photos app and click on the screenshot.
  4. On the screenshot, click Share.
  5. Select the mail app.
  6. Send the image to yourself and select Actual Size for the image size, which will send the image as a PNG. Sending sizes other than Actual Size will send as JPG.

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