Learn More About the AdSense Low Bandwidth Version

You can access the AdSense low bandwidth version by clicking View in Low bandwidth at the bottom of the screen in the AdSense interface.

Low bandwidth version of adsense

What you should know about the low bandwidth version:

  • You can quickly check earnings, run basic reports, and see most alerts, which you can then address through the classic interface if necessary.
  • The low bandwidth version works best with one of the following fully supported browsers:
    • Google Chrome (always automatically up-to-date)
    • Firefox (version 3.6 or later)
    • Internet Explorer (version 8 or later)
    • Safari (version 4 or later)
  • If you last accessed the low bandwidth version, we’ll show you this version again the next time you log into your account.
  • For now, you can’t perform certain actions from the low bandwidth version, such as running custom reports or blocking ads. For these less frequent tasks, please use the classic interface.

To switch to the full desktop version of AdSense from the low bandwidth version, click View in: Classic at the bottom of the screen in AdSense interface.

Classic view of adsense

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