Personalized advertising vs. placement-targeted advertising

Advertisers use placement targeting to display ads on specific sites and pages in the AdSense network. Placement-targeted ads reach users visiting specific sites, independent of their interests or demographics. Personalized advertising (formerly known as interest-based advertising) on the other hand, reaches users based on their Google Account, the sites they’ve browsed and/or the interests and demographics associated with … Read more

Everything About personalized advertising

Personalized advertising (formerly known as interest-based advertising) enables advertisers to reach users based on their interests and demographics (e.g., “sports enthusiasts”), as well as other information described here. Personalized advertising should help monetize your website more efficiently, increase value for advertisers, and provide a better experience for users.

Everything About placement targeting

One of the ways ads are targeted to AdSense publishers’ sites is through placement targeting. Placement targeting allows Google Ads advertisers to choose specific sites where they’d like their ads to appear. Advertisers find site placements in the Google Ads product. Learn more about managed placements. If your site is part of the AdSense network, it … Read more

Everything About Ad placement and how to create it

Ad placement is a specific group of ad units on which an advertiser can choose to place their ads using placement targeting. Ad placements can be as broad as an entire website or as specific as a single ad unit. Placements are made visible to advertisers in two ways: Placements automatically created by the AdSense system. Each publisher website … Read more

How AdSense uses cookies

What are cookies? Cookies are tiny text files that are stored on a user’s browser. Most cookies contain a unique identifier called a cookie ID: a string of characters that websites and servers associate with the browser on which the cookie is stored. This allows websites and servers to distinguish the browser from other browsers that … Read more

Ad targeting by language

AdSense technology can determine the primary language of a page. If your content is in a language supported by AdSense program , AdSense will target ads in the appropriate language to your content. AdSense also target ads to match the language settings specified by advertisers in their advertising campaigns. Language targeting allows advertisers to choose the … Read more

Targeting the ads by keywords

At this time, AdSense only targets ads based on overall site content, not keywords or categories. If you’d like to display ads related to specific topics on your website, we recommend including more text-based content about these topics, including complete sentences and paragraphs, to assist AdSense crawlers in gathering information about your pages and determining relevant … Read more