How to Change your privacy policy for personalized advertising

If you’ve opted out of personalized advertising (formerly known as interest-based advertising), you may still need to update your privacy policy. Even if you choose to opt-out of displaying ads based on interest and demographic categories, your site(s) will continue to show ads based on user interactions with an advertiser, such as visits to advertiser … Read more

How to Update Your website or policies for personalized advertising

You don’t need to change the ad code on your website or how your account is set up if you allow personalized advertising. However, your privacy policy may need to be updated to reflect the use of personalized advertising (formerly known as interest-based advertising). Please take a moment to review the following information to ensure that your … Read more

How the privacy of your site’s users is protected in AdSense

The user information collected through personalized advertising is used in accordance with Google’s privacy policies. Please review the Privacy Policy for more information. In addition, AdSense was showing users how ads are being customized via the Ads Settings, which they can find through My Account and most “Ads by Google” or “AdChoices” links seen in Google ads. Users can opt-out … Read more

How Google infers interest and demographic categories

As users browse Google sites likes YouTube and AdSense partner websites, Google stores an advertising cookie in a user’s browser to understand the types of content that the user is viewing. This information is used to show ads that might appeal to your users based on their inferred interests and demographics. For example, if a … Read more

How to opt-out of user-based advertising

You can opt-out of showing ads that are based on users’ interests, demographics, and Google Account information. In turn, Google will not use visitation information from your site to help infer interests and demographics, and will not add visitation information from your site to users’ Google Accounts. However, you cannot opt-out of showing ads to users … Read more

Why content is critical to ad targeting

You may already know that AdSense works by crawling your web pages for content, then delivering ads based on that content. This means that if your content is limited, AdSense crawler may have difficulty identifying the information on the page. As a result, you may see ads that are not directly relevant to your page. Here’s a … Read more