New Auto ads Features in AdSense

AdSense is committed to continuously investing in the modernization of AdSense advertising products. As a result, there are some important changes AdSense is making to Auto ads. 

From September 17, 2019, AdSense will start updating AdSense accounts with the new version of Auto ads. When the update occurs, you’ll see the following changes to your Ads page.

Overview page

Ad settings preview

New controls

AdSense has added the following new controls to help you customize your Auto ads settings:

  • Ad load gives you control over the number of Auto ads you show on your pages. Learn more
  • Page exclusions let you stop Auto ads appearing on specific pages or sections of your site, like your homepage for example. Learn more

Ad formats

  • AdSense has simplified AdSense in-page ad formats. You no longer have to choose which individual formats you want to show. We’ll automatically show the optimal in-page format for your site based on the settings you choose. Overlay ad formats (anchors, vignettes, etc.) and Matched content work the same way as before.

More powerful ad unit code

Updated reporting

  • AdSense has updated reporting so that you can see the performance of Auto ads and manual ad units side by side for each of your sites. Learn how to track the performance of Auto ads.

Note: If you were part of the Early Access program, you might not see all of these controls in your account yet. AdSense will email you in the coming weeks about the next steps.

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