New reporting page FAQs

Here are some answers to questions you may have about the new AdSense reporting page:

New reporting page

Can I opt out of the new reporting experience?

Yes. You can click the toggle at the top of the Reports page to return to the old reporting page at any time.


However, AdSense recommends you familiarize yourself with the new reporting experience because later in 2020 AdSense will retire the old reporting page.

Reporting data

Can I access my old reporting data if I need data that’s more than 3 years old?

Yes. You can download data that’s older than 3 years from either the old Reports page (until the end of September, 2020) or the new Reports page (until the end of 2020).

Learn how to download your old data from AdSense.

What is the format of the file that’s downloaded when I export my old reporting data?

Your data is downloaded in an XLSX file.

Where can I check my AdMob data now?

To access your AdMob data, visit the Reports page in your AdMob account. Learn more about AdMob reports.

Where can I check my YouTube data now?

You can use YouTube Analytics to monitor the performance of your channels, videos, and claimed content. Learn more about analyzing performance with YouTube Analytics.

Do these changes apply to reporting data on the AdSense home page?

Yes, these changes also apply to your AdSense home page reports.

Payments and earnings

Can I access my payments data that’s more than 3 years old?

Yes. The 3 year limit only applies to reporting data. You can still find all your payments data for any period in the Payments section of your account.

Why are my estimated earnings in the new Reports page lower than my estimated earnings in the old Reports page?

In the new reporting page AdSense has removed all YouTube and AdMob data. If you previously had YouTube or AdMob data, your estimated earnings will be lower on the new Reports page.

Does my balance include my finalized earnings from AdMob and YouTube?

Yes. In the new reporting page AdSense has removed all AdMob and YouTube reporting data. However, this change doesn’t affect your payments. If you monetize an app with AdMob or a channel with YouTube, your payments will still include your earnings from AdMob and YouTube.

Saved reports

I can only see some of my reports in the new reporting page, where are the rest?

AdSense has only migrated your scheduled reports to the new reporting page. Your old saved reports aren’t automatically available on the new Reports page.

How can I access my old saved reports in the new reporting page?

You can either replace them by creating new custom reports on the new Reports page. Or, you can use the “Migrate old reports” option to migrate your old saved reports yourself. Note that this option is only available until the end of 2020.

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