Official documents accepted as proof of identity

To protect the security of your account and make it easier for AdSense to find account-specific details, you may be asked to provide an ID when you communicate with Google.

Collecting this information allows AdSense to verify that the personal information you’ve provided is correct.

Your ID will be encrypted and stored in Google’s internal system with high level protection, and will not be shared with others.

Acceptable forms of ID

  • Government-issued ID card: The image must display your payee name and mailing address as they appear in your AdSense account.
  • Bank statement, telephone bill, or rent receipt: If the postal address in your account is different from the address displayed on your ID card, or your ID does not provide information about your mailing address, you can also confirm your address by providing an image of a bank statement, telephone bill or rent receipt displaying your payee name and postal address as it appears in your AdSense account.


  • AdSense can only accept information printed in one of AdSense’s supported languages.
  • Your image should be readable, in focus, and free from reflections and glare.

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