Why does your AdSense account have a payment hold?

Your AdSense payments may be held for any of the following reasons:  Tax Possible reason What to check How to remove You haven’t submitted your tax information. Is your payment address in a country that Google may require you to provide certain tax information? Submit your tax information to Google.  Payments Possible reason What to check How … Read more

Abandoned property adjustment in AdSense

If you see a line item in your “Transactions” page labeled “Abandoned property adjustment”, it means that Google has sent your account balance in your name to your state government for safekeeping (a process called escheatment). AdSense did this because AdSense had reason to believe that your Adsense account was abandoned. AdSense considers an account … Read more

What’s the difference between earnings and payments?

Earnings are the revenue that you accrue through your participation in AdSense. Your earnings will go through several stages during the payment timeline: Estimated earnings – earnings accrued throughout the month. Appears on your Home and Reports pages. Finalized earnings – total earnings with all invalid activity deducted. Appears on your Home and “Payments” pages. Earnings – same as finalized earnings on your “Payments” page … Read more

What’s the difference between estimated and finalized earnings?

Estimated earnings, which are visible in your reports, reflect close estimates of recent account activity. These reports show estimated earnings to offer a close estimate of recent account activity as soon as possible. However, these earnings aren’t finalized until the end of the month and won’t necessarily reflect the amount you will ultimately be paid. Finalized … Read more

AdSense Home page reports: understand your earnings

The reports in your AdSense account are intended to give you close estimates of the current activity in your account. However, these reports do not represent your finalized earnings. Many factors can affect the amount that is ultimately paid to you. After your earnings are finalized, they’re posted to your “Transactions” page. Where appropriate and … Read more

Payment timelines for AdSense

The AdSense payment cycle is monthly. You accrue estimated earnings over the course of a month, and then at the beginning of the following month, your earnings are finalized and posted to your balance on your Payments page. If your balance exceeds the payment threshold and you have no payment holds, you’ll be issued a payment between the 21st and … Read more