Distributing earnings from AdSense ads with third-party partners

As stated in the AdSense Terms and Conditions, publishers aren’t allowed to distribute the earnings from their AdSense account with third parties, unless they first receive written permission from Google to do so. Here are some examples that are not allowed: Accounts that display their ads on and then share revenue with sites that are owned … Read more

Everything About traffic exchange programs

While traffic exchange services may help bring traffic to your site, AdSense doesn’t recommend using them. This is because they may lead to invalid clicks or impressions and result in your account being disabled. The AdSense Program policies strictly prohibit any means of artificially generating ad impressions or clicks, including third-party services such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, and click-exchange programs. These … Read more

Use of emails to advertise your site

AdSense understand that publishers are always looking for new ways to boost traffic to their websites. However, it is a violation of AdSense program policies to promote websites that are displaying Google ads through unsolicited emails. Please also note that publishers are not permitted to place AdSense ads in emails. You may wish to learn more on … Read more

Segment your traffic

Segmenting traffic is the process of setting up your ad units and custom channels so that you can explicitly see your different traffic sources. To help you understand your traffic via segmentation, AdSense set out the steps you’ll need to take below. Whether you’re new to the AdSense world, or you’re a long time publisher, these insights … Read more

AdSense Traffic provider checklist

If you’re considering purchasing traffic to drive to your site, you should spend time understanding exactly what traffic you’ll be receiving. Specifically, you should understand how the traffic provider will send you traffic and what kind of traffic you’ll receive. You also should set up your AdSense account and web analytics program (such as Google Analytics) in a … Read more

How you can help to prevent invalid traffic

AdSense publishers are ultimately responsible for the traffic on their ads. For this reason, it’s critical that you diligently monitor your ad traffic to ensure that your account is compliant with AdSense policies and not accruing invalid traffic. If you see something suspicious after following the tips below, you’re welcome to notify AdSense. AdSense encourage you … Read more

How Google prevents invalid traffic

Google specialists carefully monitor clicks and impressions on Google ads in order to protect your interests as well as those of Google advertisers. To do this, Google use both automated systems and human reviews, analyzing all ad clicks and impressions for any invalid traffic that may artificially drive up an advertiser’s costs or a publisher’s earnings. Google’s proprietary technology … Read more