Publisher EU user consent journeys

There are several different paths you can choose from to obtain consent from your users in the EEA and the UK and comply with Google’s EU Consent policy.

You may build your own consent solution or integrate directly with the IAB TCF v2.0 framework.

1. Publisher builds their own consent solution or uses a CMP that isn’t certified by IAB

You can build your own consent solution or use a CMP that isn’t certified by IAB. Then, deploy it on your pages. 

Review the help center documentation to learn how you can manage the ad technology providers on your sites and how you can control personalization in AdSense ad tags.

2. Publisher uses an IAB-certified CMP

Google is introducing support for the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework v2.0 across AdSense sell-side ads products (Ad Manager, AdMob, AdSense).

Learn more about implementing the IAB TCF v2.0

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