Stay compliant with AdSense policies

To participate in Google AdSense and keep your account in good standing, you need to learn and follow our policies. AdSense has highlighted a few policies below, but this is only a brief overview, so make sure you read the full AdSense Program policies.

  1. Don’t click on your own ads.
  2. Don’t ask others to click on your ads.
  3. Don’t include any content that violates the Google Publisher Policies.
  4. Don’t modify the AdSense code.
  5. Do follow our Webmaster Quality Guidelines.
  6. Do provide a good user experience.
  7. Don’t place more ads than content on any page.
  8. Don’t place images near ads in a way that may mislead users into thinking that the images are associated with the ads.

If you’re ever concerned that you might be violating the policies, there’s no need to email us to ask. AdSense constantly monitors sites displaying the AdSense code and will contact you if AdSense notices any issues.

You can also help us maintain the quality of the AdSense network by sending us a report if you notice a site that’s violating our policies.

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