Tell Google you have Sponsored content in your Matched content units

Sponsored content is content that someone else pays you to create, typically to promote their own brand or product on your site. If you have sponsored content on your site and you use Matched content units, you can let Google know which of your articles are sponsored.

AdSense will then mark these articles as “sponsored article” in your Matched content recommendations.

Here’s an example of a Matched content unit with a sponsored article:

Matched content unit sponsored content

Adding the sponsored content meta tag

To let Google know which of your articles are sponsored, add the following meta tag to the HTML <head> of each of your sponsored articles: <meta property="cr:sponsored" />.

Here’s an example of an HTML page with the meta tag added:<html>
<meta property=”cr:sponsored” />
<title>My sponsored article</title>

<h1>My sponsored article</h1>

Note: It may take up to a month for Google’s crawler to recrawl your page and detect the meta tag.

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