User-generated content forum app requirements

One of AdSense’s top priorities is to sustain a healthy digital advertising ecosystem that works for everyone: users, advertisers, publishers, and developers. As part of this mission, AdSense works hard to help good developers in the AdSense network to succeed and maximize their revenue opportunities.

Apps with primarily user-generated content, such as forums that host discussion topics that may lead to policy-violating user comments, must provide equivalent web content for each page in the app that sends ad requests. This process helps us to evaluate the app content and limit ad serving as needed to protect AdSense advertisers and users.

If the content is behind a login, you can help us evaluate it by granting AdSense crawler access to password-protected content. Ad Manager users can provide login credentials by following these instructions. AdMob users can provide credentials by logging into your linked AdSense account and entering login credentials via these instructions.

Ad requests in the app that are not placed in or around user-generated content do not require the Exact URL matching information. However, ad requests from within or around user generated content (including interstitial ads) must send a URL that points to a web version of that exact same content (inclusive of any posts, comments, etc).

If you have configured Exact URL Matching and are still receiving a restricted demand notice for your app, then you may need to check that it has been set up properly and that the URLs point to web content that accurately reflects the content next to the ad placement in your app. More information on potential crawler errors is available at the following links: Ad ManagerAdMob (via AdSense).

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