What are In-article ads and their Benefits

In-article is a Google-optimized ad format that helps you put native ads between the paragraphs of your pages.

Benefits of In-article ads

Some of the benefits of using In-article ads include:

  • Better user experience: In-article ads use high quality advertiser ad elements so they look great and provide a better user experience for your readers.
  • Ideal for mobile: In-article ads are full width ads that are ideal for monetizing the smaller screen spaces available on mobile devices.
  • Google optimized: In-article ads are optimized by Google to ensure that they perform well on your article pages.

How In-article ads differ from standard ads

In-article ads are different from standard ads in the following ways:

  • They blend well with the experience of the reader, for example:
    • They use a layout that fits their placement and follows the reader’s flow
    • They use high quality advertiser ad elements.

Showing selected display ads in In-article ad units

In-article ads only use creatives that have high-quality ad elements (for example, the responsive ads in Google Ads).

This means that while In-article ads can be more visually appealing to your visitors, they may have a lower CPM in the short-term for some publishers.

To help increase CPM, you can choose to also show selected display ads inside your In-article ad units.

Google will select display ads that fit well in the available space. Showing both types of ads can help to increase your revenue. Learn more about this option in In-article ad settings.

What does Google optimized mean?

Google optimizes In-article ads to ensure they perform well on your article pages. This includes components like the layout of the ad, the elements used, the call-to-action button, etc.

In addition, Google can also optimize the elements you define, e.g., the colors and font of your ad.

If you opt into the “Google optimized style” preference, Google can override your chosen styles if there are other colors/fonts that will perform better. Learn more about In-article ad settings.

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