What are the differences between AdSense search engines and Programmable Search Engine

Both AdSense and Programmable Search Engine allowing you to create a search engine and earn revenue from the AdSense ads on the search results pages. Programmable Search is also available as a separate product with more advanced features.

Common features

AdSense and Programmable Search both offer you the following:

  • choosing the content your users search: enable users to search your site, a collection of sites you choose, or the entire web.
  • monetization of search results pages with targeted ads

Advanced features

Using Programmable Search separately, you also get the following advanced features that can be accessed after creating your search engine:


Within AdSense, you can create custom channels and view reports for all of your search engines, whether you create them through AdSense or Programmable Search.

Tip: If you already have an existing AdSense account, we recommend that you create your search engines in AdSense.

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