Why content is critical to ad targeting

You may already know that AdSense works by crawling your web pages for content, then delivering ads based on that content. This means that if your content is limited, AdSense crawler may have difficulty identifying the information on the page.

As a result, you may see ads that are not directly relevant to your page.

Here’s a fix: Ensure that your pages are full of compelling content. The more targeted, text-based information you provide to the AdSense crawler, the easier it will be for the AdSense system to determine what your pages are about, and the greater the relevance of the Google ads will be.

This enhances the effectiveness of the AdSense program, resulting in a better experience for your users, not to mention for the advertisers appearing on your pages.

Here’s a simple equation that spells it out:

  1. A content-rich page = Highly-targeted ads
  2. Highly-targeted ads + Interested users = Healthy clickthrough & conversion rates
  3. Healthy clickthrough & conversion rates = Success!

The Google ads appearing on your site then serve as supplemental content, providing useful information to your users that pertains to the content you’ve worked so hard to develop. So help AdSense help you — optimize your page with good content.

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